WRIT 100: Rhetoric & Writing

Here are my materials for WRIT 100, Siena’s intro-level composition course. For the fall 2018 semester, I chose the theme Conspiracy Theories because it will provide us with the opportunity to think critically about what counts as valid knowledge, why, and who gets to decide, and also will let students develop their own arguments about a wide variety of topics.

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, I changed the theme to justice. The major assignments were the same: starting with job documents, then an exploratory essay, culminating in a research paper. However, this time instead of conspiracy theories students were free to choose any topic related to justice. Their research ranged from social justice movements such as BLM or whether or not Trans women should be able to participate in athletics, to whether or not students athletes should be paid or how to reform policing in America. The range of topics, and thoughtful, nuanced arguments were fascinating to read!

Here is my Spring 2021 syllabus and assignment sheets:

For Fall 2019, I made some revisions to add job documents to the syllabus. Here is the Fall 2019 syllabus and the assignment sheets, followed by the Fall 2018 materials.

Fall 2018: