Graduate Coursework

Below is a chronological list of courses pertinent to my field of study that I have taken in my graduate career.

Purdue University

Spring 2015

English 590: Directed Reading in Early American Literature: Cleric, Heretic, Witch (17th Century American Literature)
Instructor: Dr. Kristina Bross

English 601: Teaching College Literature
Instructors: Dr. Nancy Peterson

 Fall 2014

English 657: Transatlantic Children’s Literature (19th century)
Instructor: Dr. Derek Pacheco

English 544: Milton
Instructor: Dr. Angelica Duran

English 553: Colonial and Early American Literature
Instructor: Dr. Christopher Lukasik

Spring 2014

English 657: Science and Wonder in Early American Literature (17th & 18th Century)
Instructor: Dr. Kristina Bross

English 558: Late Nineteenth Century American Literature
Instructors: Dr. Derek Pacheco & Dr. Ryan Schneider

English 596: Young Adult Literature
Instructor: Dr. Janet Alsup

Fall 2013

English 657: The Social Novel in Early America
Instructor: Dr. Christopher Lukasik

English 635: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature: Pirates
Instructor: Dr. Manushag Powell

Auburn University

Spring 2012

English 7790: Literary Theory: Issues and Approaches
Instructor: Dr. Emily Friedman

English 7780: Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Native American Literature
Instructor: Dr. Hilary Wyss

Fall 2011

English 7770: African-American Autobiography (18th century-present)
Instructor: Dr. Susana Morris

English 7850: Studies in Genre: Travel Writing
Instructor: Dr. Chris Keirstead

Spring 2011

English 7050: Studies in Composition: Ethnography
Instructor: Dr. Tricia Serviss

English 7190: American Studies: Southern Literature
Instructor: Dr. Erich Nunn

English 7830: Major Author: Toni Morrison
Instructor: Dr. Susana Morris

Fall 2010

English 7780: Studies in Race, Gender, & Sexuality: Early American Women Writers
Instructor: Dr. Hilary Wyss

English 7170: Eighteenth-Century Studies, British Literature
Instructor: Dr. Emily Friedman

English 7040: Studies in Composition: Composition Pedagogy
Instructor: Dr. Tricia Serviss