Award for Outstanding Teaching

This fall I was honored to receive the 2021-2022 Siena College School of Liberal Arts Contingent Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching! Recipients may only win the award one time in their career, and are eligible for nomination after 3 years at Siena. Here is what the Dean and Awards Committee wrote about my teaching:

In order to be considered for this award, one must demonstrate passionate teaching, engagement of students, and contributions to the intellectual life of the college. The selection committee found evidence in your application of going above and beyond in each of these areas, stating, “Stacey consistently creates a warm and welcoming learning environment that is respectful of diversity and inclusion. Stacey employs innovative teaching approaches that successfully engage students across a wide variety of topics and levels. Her eclectic pedagogical repertoire that makes her classes interactive and impactful appears to be very much appreciated by her students, as reflected in her glowing student evaluations. She is clearly an engaged member of the community.”

-Chris Farnan, Dean of Liberal Arts, and the Awards Committee

Thank you to my colleagues who nominated me, to my department chair for supporting my nomination, and to the awards committee for your kind words about my teaching.