Welcome to my online portfolio! This site is designed to provide interactive
access to my  CV, teaching philosophyteaching materials — including evidence of teaching effectiveness and course evaluationsResearch, and more. If you would like more Stacey Dearing 1information, please feel free to contact me or follow me on twitter.

My research interests include early American literature, multi-ethnic literature of the United States (MELUS) including Native American literature, narrative medicine, the history of science and medicine, and narratives of illness and disease. I also work on material objects, such as sewing samplers, baskets, and wampum. I am particularly interested in exploring issues of agency and identity, and analyze a variety of discursive texts and objects–ranging from letters and diaries, to medical tracts and sermons, to travel narratives and recipes.

The blog on this site incorporates links to conferences, articles, scholars, and organizations that I follow and/or participate in as well as ideas for teaching materials. In particular, this is where you can find links to press coverage for the Warrior-Scholar Project, an organization assisting veterans to transition from the military to higher education that I worked with for several years.