Exam 2

Exam #2

Part 1: MLA Format

For the following questions, write the correct citation using the information provided. You may use your Pocket Style Manual or a dictionary for this exam. No other texts or electronic devices are permitted.

  1. Write the correct citation for this book with two authors. Write out the complete citation.
    1. Authors: Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
    2. Title: Good Omens
    3. City: New York
    4. Publisher: Harper Torch
    5. Date: 2006
    6. Medium: Print.

2. For the following quote from the source from question #1, please write the correct in-text citation that should follow this quote taken from page 21.

“Crowley, somewhere west of Amersham, hurtled through the night, snatched a tape at random and tried to wrestle it out of its brittle plastic box while staying on the road”

(                                                                                                  ).

3. If you were using a quote from a source where you did not know the name of the author, what would you include in the in-text citation? Write an example.


4. If you were using a quote from a source such as a website, for which no page numbers were listed, what would you include in the in-text citation? Write an example.

5. Extra Credit Question: Are there any circumstances in which you do not need to include an in-text citation? Explain what they would be.

Part 2: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Please read the attached essay and write a brief 250-350 word essay exploring how the author uses ethos, pathos and logos. This essay should be a short version of what you did for your first paper; your thesis should take a stance on whether or not you think the author created an effective argument based on their use of ethos, pathos or logos.


  • You may use the 5-paragraph essay format for this portion of the exam. You do not need to include a paragraph summarizing the piece.
  • Your introduction may be very brief — you can begin with only a thesis which should include the author’s name, the title of the piece, and whether or not you think it is effective. Because this is a short essay don’t spend a lot of time developing an elaborate introduction — get to the point and get going on your body paragraphs.
  • Your body paragraphs should include quotes and/or paraphrases. I am looking for you to include at least 2 quality quotes which you can analyze in your body paragraphs. You will also need to include in-text citations when appropriate.
  • Your conclusion should briefly sum-up why you do or do not think the argument was effective. This paragraph should be about 3 sentences long, reflecting the brevity of your essay.


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