Summary & Response

Formal Writing – Summary and Response
50 Points

Rough Draft due: Wed Oct 10                     Final Draft due: Mon Oct 15

 After reading chapter 13 pgs 335-345, you are going to write a TWO paragraph summary and response to a reading. For your topic, you must choose one of the readings provided in Along These Lines under the section “Readings for Writers.” These readings begin on page 599 and end on page 650 of your book. There are 13 readings, you will choose ONE that you would like to summarize and respond to.

Your 2 paragraphs must:

  • Provide a summary of the reading you selected that includes:

o   A topic sentence which introduces the author and the title of the piece being summarized

o   The main idea

o   Any supporting ideas

o   Prominent examples

o   Important details

  • Your response paragraph:

o   Must have a strong topic sentences which indicates which point/idea you are addressing and whether you agree or disagree with that point

o   Should focus on ONE idea, not a brief response to many of the author’s points

  • You must attribute the summary to the author you are summarizing
  • Each paragraph must be 10-14 sentences (1 topic sentence + 8-12 supporting sentences and + 1 concluding sentence), resulting in 2 paragraphs and 20-28 sentences total
  • Final Draft must be typed and double spaced using proper academic format. You also need to include at least 1 rough draft with your final copy as well as pre-writing activities which will be specified.
  • Paragraph should be free of major spelling, grammar, and mechanical errors.
  • Paragraph needs to be unified and coherent.
  • I will provide a grading rubric during the editing session.