Research Essay

Formal Writing Assignment #4

Five Paragraph Research Essay – 100 points

  •  Rough Draft must be checked in the Writing Center; please have the Writing Center Editing Slip filled out after your visit.
  •  A draft of your thesis is due by Wed Nov 14.
  • A Complete rough draft of your paper is due Wed Dec 5.
  •  Final Copy due Wed Dec 12. Please note the following items to be included in your folder:

___ Final Copy (MLA format) 50 points

___ Works Cited page with at least 2 sources cited in your paper. 12 points

___ Rough Draft and Writing Center edit slip 20 points

___ Outline 10 points

___ Copies of research 8 points

  •  You need to pick a topic different from what you wrote for your narrative essay and WC #10 and #11. You may, however, use a thesis you developed in WC #9. If you change your topic, please let me know. I will keep a forum open on the discussion board for your thesis statements and questions.
  •  After you pick your topic, please turn in your thesis with points to me. I will review it and make suggestions. This is due by WED NOV 14. (This is worth 5 points toward homework grade.)
  •  The paper must include the following:

o Title

o Introductory paragraph with a blueprinted thesis sentence at the end of the paragraph (thesis with points).

o 3 body paragraphs

o Concluding Paragraph restating thesis and summarizing your topic.

o Each paragraph needs to include the following:

  • At least 6 sentences (no more than 9) per paragraph (with the exception of the conclusion – minimum 5 sentences.)
  • Topic sentence that focuses on supporting point from thesis – First supporting paragraph supports first point; second supporting paragraph supports second point…
  • Transitional words/phrases within each topic sentence
  • “You” may not be used in this paper
  • Typed and double-spaced using MLA format (12 point Font in either Times New Roman or Calibri)


  • You must include at least two (2) quotes in your paper AND a works cited page. (12 points total for this portion). We will discuss this structure in class. The stress will be on how you integrate your research into your paper. I strongly suggest having your research in your paper and your works cited page before having it edited for the final time.


Please note the essay sample information when setting up your paper. There is an expanded version in the Assignment folder on Blackboard. The paper is worth 100 points. Your Works Cited will be attached to the final draft. I will grade the entire paper based on Unity, Support, Coherence, Sentence Skills and Style as well as completion of the required elements. Grading Scale: A-range 100-90, B-range 89-80, C-range 79-70, D-range 69-60.


Outline Format for Five-Paragraph Essay

(This outline format will be used during the final exam as well.)

Introductory Paragraph

A. Use interesting story, definition, quote, or questions to interest the reader

Thesis Statement: Thesis is last sentence of this paragraph

Body Paragraph #1

Topic Sentence:




Body Paragraph #2

Topic Sentence:




Body Paragraph #3

Topic Sentence:




Concluding Paragraph

A. Quickly summarize what was covered in the support paragraphs

B. Restate the thesis

C. DO NOT present any new information in this paragraph