Cause or Effect

Formal Writing

Cause or Effect Paragraph – 50 points

 Rough Draft Due __Sept 12_______      Final Draft Due _____Sept 19________

After reading Chapter 9 – Cause and Effect, write either a cause (reason) or an effect (result) paragraph using a topic of your choice. You may use the guide questions/pictures from pages 210-213.

  • You need a strong topic sentence clearly stating whether you will highlight causes or effects.
  • The paragraph must be 10-14 sentences (1 topic sentence + 8-12 supporting sentences and + 1 concluding sentence).
  • Final Draft must be typed and double spaced using proper academic format. You also need to include at least 1 rough draft with your final copy.
  • Paragraph should be free of major spelling, grammar, and mechanical errors.
  • Paragraph needs to be unified and coherent.
  • I will provide a grading rubric during the editing session.


Sample Topic Sentences

Cause (Reasons) Topic Effect (Results) 
I exercise regularly for a variety of reasons. Regular Exercise Regular exercise offers many benefits.
Before getting married, couples must carefully consider why the match will last. Getting married Getting married changed how I spend money.
My nephew joined the army to earn money for college, learn new skills, and serve his country. Joining the service Joining the service can change a person’s life.
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