Exam 2: 090/091

Exam #2

Complete each of the following questions.

  1. List 3 ways to write an introduction:
  2. Write a 5 sentence (4 sentences + the provided thesis) introduction which will end in one of the following thesis statements:
    1. Television should focus on how young adults really live.

OR (Choose one!)

  1. Cell phones can be an annoying piece of technology.




  1. The outline below has a thesis statement and details but it has no topic sentences for the body paragraphs. Read the outline and write the topic sentences.
    1. Thesis: Students who work while going to college face problems at school, at work, and at home.

i.      Topic Sentence 1: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Early classes are difficult.
  2. I am too tired to pay attention.
  3. Once I slept in class.
  4. I have little time to do homework.
  5. I get behind in school assignments.

2. Topic Sentence 2: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

a.   I tried to study at work.

b.   I got caught by my boss.

c.   I was reprimanded.

d.   Sometimes I come to work very tired.

e.   When I don’t have enough sleep, I can be rude to customers.

f.   Rudeness gets me in trouble.

g. Another time, I had to cut work to take a makeup test.

3. Topic Sentence 3: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

a.   I work nights during the week.

b.   The weekends are the only time I can study.

c. My apartment is a mess since I have no time to clean it.

d. Worse, my girlfriend is ready to kill me because I have no social life.

e. We never even go to the movies anymore.

f. When she comes over, I am busy studying.

b. Conclusion: I have learned that working students have to be very organized to cope with their responsibilities at college, work, and home.


  1. Write a thesis that relates to the sub-points listed.


  1. Dogs are extremely playful.
  2. Dogs need a lot of exercise which can help owners get in shape too.
  3. Dogs are man’s best friend.


  1. Going to college can help students learn important skills.
  2. A college degree is required for many jobs.
  3. At college you meet new people and explore new interests.
  4. For each of the follow thesis statements, write topic sentences (as many as indicated by the numbered blanks).


  1. Thesis: When students see a “Class Meeting Cancelled” notice posted on the classroom door, they have several reactions. (In other words, how might students react to class being cancelled?)

i.      Topic sentence 1:

ii.      Topic sentence 2:

  1. For each of the following clusters, choose which restatement most effectively restates the provided thesis.
    1. Thesis: Gossiping is wrong, but everybody gossips.

i.      Restatement 1: ___ Gossip is a nasty but universal activity.

ii.      Restatement 2: ___ Everybody gossips even though gossiping is wrong.


  1. Thesis: Children are secure when they live in a family with a regular routine and consistent discipline.

i.      Restatement 1:___ Every child feels secure when his or her family follows a regular routine and uses consistent discipline.

ii.      Restatement 2:___ When a family lives by a regular schedule and consistent rules, children feel safe.

  1. Circle the correct words in parenthesis in each sentence below.
    1. My first goal is to find a (decent, descent) apartment; (then, than) I want to meet someone (who’s, whose) (principals, principles) are the same as mine.
    2. The actress is so (vain, vane, vein) that she expects fresh (flours, flowers) in her dressing room every night.
    3. I want to take my toddler to Felipe’s wedding, but I don’t (know, no) (weather, whether) children are (aloud, allowed) at the ceremony.
  1. Write one sentence for each of the words below (be sure to use the words correctly):


i.   Herd:

ii.      Heard:


iii.      By:

iv.      Buy:

  1. In the following sentences, replace each italicized word or phrase with a more precise word or phrase. Write out your completely revised sentences in the space provided.
  2. You need to buy a lot of potato chips for the party.
  3. Take Mr. Benson for English; he’s nice.