Exam 1: 090/091

Exam #1

Combine each of the following pairs of sentences. Keep in mind the 5 methods of combining sentences we have discussed in class.

  1. I caught a cold at the cider mill this weekend. I couldn’t go in to work today.
  1. My alarm clock is broken. I overslept and missed the important budget meeting at work.

3.  I made the baked potatoes. He cooked the steak.

  1. My daughter’s feet keep growing. I have spent a lot of money buying her new shoes.


Add any missing punctuation to the following sentences. Also, correct any errors in capitalization and in the use of numbers and abbreviations. Some sentences require multiple corrections. None of the sentences are correct; they all require changes. Do not add or change words, only add punctuation.

  1.  Give me your answer I need to know it now.
  1. The oral surgery will cost me $2321 nevertheless I intend to have it as soon as possible.
  1. Let me see your license, the officer said and give me your registration too.
  1. I went to the MSU football game in e. lansing last sat.


Please write a 10-14 sentence (1 topic sentence + 8-12 supporting sentences + 1 concluding sentence) illustration paragraph about holidays. For your paragraph, focus on one aspect of holidays; in other words, choose one narrowed topic to write about. Consider your family’s holiday traditions; which holiday is your favorite and why; how people generally celebrate a specific holiday, etc. I recommend you spend a few minutes brainstorming and listing specific ideas and supporting details before you begin writing. When you have finished drafting, revise your draft: combine choppy sentences, add transitions, be sure you have enough details, and check for errors in punctuation, spelling and word choice. You may draft on a separate blank sheet of paper.