Paper 3

Paper #3: Creating an Argument to Actively Join Conversation


Our next assignment asks you to build upon the first two in which you located, analyzed and evaluated sources in order to learn more about a specific science/technology-related topic. Rather than evaluating the arguments of others, Paper #3 asks you to create an argument of your own by synthesizing information from a variety of sources. In order to accomplish this, you will need to combine information from sources with your own ideas to coherently and logically develop a thesis.

To support and inform your argument, this assignment asks you to engage with three or more related scholarly sources. You may use up to two sources that you have previously analyzed. One source must be new, scholarly, and found in the library databases.  Be thorough and specific with details, evidence and examples. Keep these two questions constantly in your mind: why? How? Do your best to answer these questions after presenting evidence. Consistently connect your evidence or example back to your main point/thesis.

While there are a variety of ways for you to construct your argument, I suggest one of the following two: take a position on a particular science/technology-related issue and explain to reader why you feel the way you do, or articulate a problem and propose a solution.

For this paper we will also focus on the notion of audience.  As we have seen in the first two papers, much of how you write is dependent on who your intended readers are. Therefore, in addition to your paper I want you to write a proposal argument as if it will appear in a specific publication of your own choosing. This publication might be a popular source like a newspaper or magazine; or perhaps a website created by a specific advocacy group; or even a scholarly publication like a journal intended for professionals in an science/technology-related field. Once you come up with a topic idea, you will need to locate the publication for which you will be writing and define the audience to whom you will be making your proposal.

Specifics and Worth

Citation: Include a properly formatted Works Cited page and incorporate appropriate in-text citations.

Length: 1800-2000 words

Worth: 20% of your final grade

Due Dates

Paper #3 proposal due via email on Friday, March 9th at 5pm

Peer Review: A complete rough draft of this paper is due Friday, March 16 for peer review.

Conferencing: A complete rough draft of this paper is due by Monday, March 19 for conferencing.

Paper #3 final draftdue on Wednesday, March 21th