Paper 1

Composition 1120

Assignment #1: Analysis and Evaluation of an Argument


We focused the majority of our discussions thus far on understanding the complexities of argument and learning to recognize elements of arguments in a variety of texts. For Assignment #1 you will continue this process by searching the library databases for a scholarly article on a scientific/technological advancement and then analyzing and evaluating the argument(s) in that article in the form of an academic essay. Your essay should break apart the article’s argument(s) in order to demonstrate the parts of the argument (claim, reasoning, etc.) and then evaluate the effectiveness of those elements. You should pay close attention to the textbook readings and class discussions in order to acquire the tools necessary to successfully complete this assignment.


On a general level, the purpose of Assignment #1 is to introduce you to the basic structure of argument and introductory research practices. More specifically, this assignment requires you to begin to develop a critical eye when reading in order to identify and analyze individual arguments according to criteria accepted by the larger academic community.


Remember that you are focusing on analyzing and evaluating the writer’s argument(s)—you are not taking a stance on the scientific issue at this point.

Specifics and Worth:

Citation—Include a properly formatted Works Cited page and incorporate appropriate in-text citations.

Length— 900-1200 words

Worth—10% of final grade

Due dates:
Conference: A complete rough draft is due for conferencing by Friday, January 27

Peer Review: A complete rough draft is due for in-class peer review on Monday, January 30

The final draft for this paper is due Wednesday, February 1st