Final Exam

ENGL 1120: 72 & 90
Spring 2012

Final Exam

The final exam is due Wednesday, May 2 at 11:59 pm on Canvas. Please include the standard MLA heading at the top of your exam.

1. First, please answer 1 of the following 2 questions in a response of 500-750 words.1. How have you grown or improved as a writer this semester? Consider your understanding of academic writing, rhetorical analysis, thesis statements, grammar, MLA format, transitions, quote integration, analysis, etc. Describe 3-5 aspects in which you have improved or grown.

2. Give yourself a grade for this class and explain why you believe you have earned that grade. Consider the amount of time you have put into readings, papers, revisions, your level of class participation, etc. Be honest. Unless you confess to cheating or plagiarizing, nothing you say in this exam question will impact your grade.

Next, list and describe 4 conventions of academic writing in 2-3 sentences: