Final Exam

Composition 1100: Final Exam

For your final exam, please answer two of the following questions. You MUST answer the first question, and then choose between either question two or three.

Each question should be answered in approximately 250-300 words.

Question 1: Please write a reflective essay describing and analyzing how you have evolved as a writer during this course. You should discuss 2-3 specific areas of growth. Considering: your writing process, style, organization, analysis, description, ability to peer review, comfort with writing, critical thinking, etc.

Please choose one of the following 2 questions to answer:

Question 2: How would you incorporate Auburn’s Common Book, Mountains Beyond Mountains, in this class? Explain how you would use the text, and write an assignment you would give for a paper using the common book.


Question 3: What grade do you believe you deserve in this class for participation and your final exam? Justify the grade you state with supporting evidence. Consider your class participation, homework, peer review, worksheets, and how much time and effort you have put into the class and the final exam. Be honest with your assessment of yourself. Nothing you tell me in this answer will hurt your grade (unless you confess to plagiarizing or cheating).